Adam Warlock

Captain Marvel: You and I know how to handle intergalactic peace.
Doctor Strange: Protecting universal peace must be really tiring.
Drax: Their destruction is imminent.
Adam Warlock: It's time to unsheath Godslayer.
Gladiator: Destroy all who oppose the Shi'ar!
Hulkbuster (Iron Man Mark 44): Leave the big guys to me.
Loki: There are really many troublesome things in the realms.
Mephisto: Care to make a deal, Adam?
Mister Fantastic: Would you mind if I research you?
Nova (Richard Rider): Who's in trouble?
Odin: The power of mighty Odin aids your quest.
Silver Surfer: My powers are for protecting the galaxy.
Spider-Man: How famous am I in space?
Star-Lord: The Guardians of the Galaxy could always use more help.
Thanos: I would do anything for Death.
Adam Warlock: And I will do anything for life.
Thor: The thunder will judge them!
Vision: We will fight together to protect life on Earth.


Apocalypse: My angel, show them your power.
Beast: My winged friend, why did you bring me here?
Angel: Hank! Lend me a hand, will you?
Cyclops: Fly circles around 'em, Warren!
Deadpool: You can be my wingman any time!
Iceman: Spread your wings and fly! Be free!
Jean Grey: Let's take flight together!
Magneto: When you soar, those beneath you know fear.
Nightcrawler: Where there are angels, there are also devils!
Angel: Show them you mean business, Kurt!
Professor X: Fly forth, Angel!
Psylocke: I cherish those times we danced in the sky together.
Angel: At that time, it felt like we were the only two Mutants in the world.
Wolverine: Don't pick me up, bub. I hate flying.


Black Widow: Um... Just stay out of my way.
Captain America: All right, Ant-Man, let's take them down.
Cassie Lang: I'll take care of this, Dad.
Ant-Man: That's my daughter!
Doctor Doom: Anger triggers a person's true strength.
Giant-Man: Scott, how does it feel being Ant-Man?
Ant-Man: Awesome, as always!
Hawkeye: Ready for another arrow ride?
Invisible Woman: Who needs the other three? I've got this.
Iron Fist: Looks like you need a mighty fist, my friend.
Iron Man: Oh sorry! I almost stepped on you.
Jessica Jones: We're both busy people, so let's finish this quickly.
Luke Cage: I'll show you why they call me Power Man!
Medusa: I'll help you for old times' sake.
Spider-Man: Call us the Insect Alliance!
Spider-Woman: Ant-Man, huh? That's a cute name.
Wasp: You know I'll always have your back.
Winter Soldier: Precise strikes lead to victory, no matter how small they are.
Yellowjacket: Don't even think about asking again.

Beta Ray Bill

Gladiator: You make me feel humble before your power.
Groot: I am Groot.
Ikon: As warriors, we are stronger together.
Loki: There's a horse that imitates Thor. A clever joke!
Nova (Sam Alexander): Bill! Let's protect the universe together!
Beta Ray Bill: Odin! Give me strength!
Odin: I, Odin, Father of All, give you strength!
Quasar (Wendell Vaughn): Wow! Cool, Bill!
Ronan: The time for execution has come.
Sif: You can't die until we get more mead, Bill!
Beta Ray Bill: Are you still serving Galactus?
Silver Surfer: ...I had no choice but for my home and people.
Skurge: My old friend, I am here for you!
Spider-Man: Nice hammer!
Star-Lord: A legendary outlaw is here!
Beta Ray Bill: Thor! My friend and brother!
Thor: Our hammers will show no mercy!

Black Bolt

Black Panther: From one king to another.
Crystal: I'm here to help. Not sure if you need it, though.
Cyclops: Someday we'll understand each other.
Dazzler: Any noise is of no use to me.
Deadpool: So does your forehead doodad rust in the shower or…?
Gorgon: I will follow your orders.
Hulk: Hulk always wins.
Human Torch: Give that Inferno guy my best!
Inferno: Whom should I burn?
Iron Man: Just shout if you need any help.
Karnak: It's time to show the power of the Inhumans, your majesty.
Maximus: We will rule over mankind.
Medusa: I will always love you.
Professor X: I'll pass on your thoughts.
Quicksilver: Let me fight with you.
Ronan: I will fight with you in the name of Kree-Lar.
Star-Lord: Just holler if you ever need me!
Thane: Royal blood flows through our veins.
Thanos: Foolish king, give in to the master of the universe.

Black Panther

Captain America: Shield and claws, what a duo.
Daredevil: Need some help, friend?
Deadpool: Wait, can I say it? Wakanda Forever!
Falcon: I'll cover you from above.
Hawkeye: So, Vibranium arrows? Sounds like a-
Black Panther: Not interested.
Hulk: Hulk can handle this alone!
Human Torch: It's about to get a bit heated!
Invisible Woman: They won't see this coming!
Iron Man: Oh, so the king needs some help?
Luke Cage: The crew has got your back!
Mister Fantastic: The Illuminati has your back.
Shuri: I still have a lot to show you, brother.
Black Panther: I'm glad you're here, Shuri.
Spider-Man: Wakanda's tech is just so awesome…
Storm: We have been through quite a lot, T'Challa.
Black Panther: Our bond remains strong, Storm.
The Thing: Eh, Vibranium ain't tougher than me!
Thor: Ha, Bast requires more aid?
Winter Soldier: I've got your back, king.
Wolverine: Nice claws, bub.

Black Widow

Captain America: The bad guys keep coming.
Black Widow: Getting tired, old man?
Captain Marvel: I'll give you aerial support.
Daredevil: It's been a long time, Nat…
Deadpool: Team Red! Let's go!
Hawkeye: You know, my arrows never miss.
Iron Man: Were you waiting for me?
Luke Cage: Still as agile as ever.
Mockingbird: Time to silence them for good.
Nick Fury: I have a new mission for you.
She-Hulk: Let's show them what we've got.
Spider-Man: Leave it to me!
Spider-Woman: Black Widow... That's a really good name!
Taskmaster: Show me your moves!
Winter Soldier: I've got your back, Nat.
Yelena Belova: Let me show you who's better.
Black Widow: Good luck!

Blue Dragon

Aero: I'll show you the mighty power of the wind!
Captain America: The Avengers have got your back.
Crescent: Together, we'll defend the Moon Temple!
Hulk (Amadeus Cho): Call the Agents of Atlas if you need help.
Iron Fist: I know a thing or two about dragon powers.
Iron Man: You're new here, aren't you?
Luna Snow: I think we make a pretty good team!
Blue Dragon: I agree.
Shadow Shell: It's time to show our power, Blue Dragon.
Shang-Chi: Never neglect your training.
Silk: It's so boring when they're weak.
Spider-Man (Miles Morales): I wonder if there's a spider spirit out there!
Sun Bird: Leave it to me, Captain.
War Tiger: My fangs will defeat all.
Wave: I'll sweep them away with my waves.
White Fox: Okay, leave it to an expert.


Beast: You most certainly have your parents in you.
Bishop: I'll follow you anywhere!
Colossus: They cannot break us!
Deadpool: Howdy, old man! Need a walker?
Cable: Not funny, Wade.
Doctor Doom: Time travel, how quaint.
Domino: Cable! How have you been?
Falcon: Where should we start?
Iceman: Whoa, time to chill them out!
Mister Sinister: I think they are underestimating us again.
Psylocke: Let's deal with this quickly.
Rogue: Need a hand, sugar?
Sabretooth: My claws will shred them to bits!
Scarlet Witch: I have the Mutants' backs.
Stryfe: You'll see that I'm stronger than you!
Cable: Stryfe.. How tenacious..
Wolverine: Don't get hurt, kid.
X-23: I'm on a journey looking for a destination.

Captain America

Agent 13: Want to go grab a bite after we're done?
Baron Zemo: Always watch your back, old man.
Captain America (Sharon Rogers): I will never give up.
Captain America: Guess that runs in the family.
Captain Marvel: I've got your back, Cap.
Falcon: Whew, Captain America is always busy.
Captain America: Now you get it!
Giant-Man: There's nothing to be afraid of when you're with the Captain.
Hawkeye: Leave the rest to me, Cap.
Iron Man: How about we end this peacefully?
Captain America: Has that ever work before?
Nick Fury: We should strive for a peaceful world.
Quicksilver: I've already taken care of it, Captain.
Red Guardian: Ha! I'm better than you!
Red Skull: The world will soon be in my hands!
Captain America: That will never happen.
Scarlet Witch: You can count on me in times of need.
Sersi: It's been a long time since we've fought together as a team.
She-Hulk: Sometimes, the fist has gotta do the talking.
Spider-Man: It's an honor that you called me, Captain.
Thor: Who called the god of thunder?
Captain America: Thor, care to lend me your hammer?
Wasp: Steve. You are our eternal captain.
Winter Soldier: Leave it to me here.
Captain America: Thanks, Bucky.
Wolverine: Hey Steve, been a bit.

Captain America (Sharon Rogers)

Black Widow: Looks like today's training is against live dummies.
Blue Dragon: The power of the dragon aids you, Sharon.
Captain America: The shield suits you well.
Captain America (Sharon Rogers): Thanks, Dad. I learned from the best.
Captain Marvel: The title 'Captain' comes with a great responsibility.
Cassie Lang: Now it's our turn!
Crescent: Io and I can help too!
Daisy Johnson: Let's show them the power of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Falcon: A Captain needs a Falcon.
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop): I'll show you why I'm called Hawkeye.
Human Torch: I'm going to deal with these hotheads! Watch and learn!
Iron Man: I'm glad you don't resemble your dad too much.
Luna Snow: Sharon, I'll freeze all of these villains.
Captain America (Sharon Rogers): Put them on ice, Luna.
Nick Fury: I've got my eye on you, kid.
Shuri: You seem to be in need of Wakanda's technology.
Silk: Hey. Looks like you need some help.
Sin: Hydra never goes down.
Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Can I call you Cap?
Star-Lord: Do you have any plans to guard the galaxy?
White Fox: The two of us can complete the mission perfectly.
Winter Soldier: Contact me anytime if you need help.

Captain Marvel

Black Panther: Let's end this, Captain.
Captain America: Two Captains taking the lead!
Iron Man: Let's see who flies faster!
Captain Marvel: Captain?! I can't believe I'm here!
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): Thank me later and let's get out here, Kamala!
Captain Marvel: Let's hope this war ends even before it begins. Ready?
Nick Fury: Okay! Let's end this!
Phil Coulson: Let's put our plan in action.
Professor X: We can make their minds ours.
Rogue: What's the matter, sugah?
Scarlet Witch: Need a hand, Captain?
Captain Marvel: Don't get yourself hurt, Danvers!
Spectrum: You got it, Captain.
Spider-Man: Whoa, coming through!
Winter Soldier: I'm glad it's not too late.


Agent Venom: I won't let you do it your way anymore.
Captain Marvel: Okay, I'll let my fists do the talking.
Deadpool: A bit too squishy for my taste, the red looks good, though!
Green Goblin: Ha ha ha! It's time to dye this battle red.
Knull: My disciple, it's time.
Loki: You are far too crude to assist me. Do better.
Mephisto: Ah, I'm a big fan of your work!
Scarlet Spider: Ugh... seeing you brings back terrible memories.
Scream: You'll never control me again!
Sentry: Do you want to get torn in half again?
Spider-Man: I hate this symbiote stuff…
Spider-Man (Miles Morales): I don't know how anyone puts up with you.
Toxin: You'll never beat me!
Venom: Keep your hunger in check, or I'll put you down.
Carnage: One day, the King will fall…
Wolverine: I am not in the mood to get your goop on my claws.


Beast: Stop being so stubborn, Scott.
Cyclops: Inhuman and Mutant must stand together.
Cable: Father…
Cyclops: Being a leader comes with tough choices.
Emma Frost: You are an attractive but unreliable man.
Cyclops: Now, why don't you stop being so stubborn?
Havok: Jeez… brothers am I right?
Cyclops: The one I truly love is you, Jean.
Jean Grey: Me too. I hope your mind will never change.
Kid Omega: Tell Jean I say hi!
Madelyne Pryor: How does it feel to take all the love and hate of mine, Scott?
Cyclops: I'm sorry, Madelyne. But I can't undo my decision.
Magneto: True death is being forgotten.
Cyclops: I can never forgive you.
Professor X: Scott, you will always be a born leader.
Rachel Summers: This family is so complicated.
Storm: The time has come for me to take charge, Scott.
Wolverine: Sometimes I'm reminded why you're the one in charge.

Doctor Octopus

Bullseye: Let's hit 'em where it hurts!
Electro: All right, it's my time!
Green Goblin: The city shall be ours!
Iron Man: Let me be clear, I am smarter than you.
Kingpin: How much would you charge to work for me?
Kraven The Hunter: The hunt begins!
Lizard: Where's the annoying arachnid?
M.O.D.O.K.: It's evident who has the bigger brain, Otto. Me!
Mephisto: How about making a new deal with me?
Mister Fantastic: You could do so much more with your intellect.
Mysterio: You rang, Otto?
Doctor Octopus: Time to put on a show, Beck!
Punisher: If you do anything stupid, I'll rip off all your tentacles.
Rhino: Ha Ha Ha! Charge!
Sandman: Sand will smother 'em!
Scorpion: Taste my sting!
Spider-Gwen: Are you friend or foe today?
Spider-Man: Otto, you can always change.
Doctor Octopus: Oh Peter, I'm not interested in being anything but the best.
Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Keep those tentacles to yourself!
Spider-Man 2099: That's some outdated tech!
Vulture: The Sinister Six take flight!

Doctor Strange

Adam Warlock: Let's end this fight now!
Ancient One: You truly have been training, Stephen.
Baron Mordo: Strange…what a twist of fate…
Captain Marvel: Evening, Doctor!
Clea: I have your back if you need anything.
Ghost Rider: Vengeance is mine!
Gwenpool: Coolest magician ever!
Hulk: Hulk stronger than magic!
Iron Man: Is this the only way, Doc?
Doctor Strange: I need you to win, Tony.
Kaecilius: All magic shall be mine!
Luke Cage: I never go looking for fights. They just find me.
Nick Fury: Let's wrap this up, Doc.
Scarlet Witch: Your powers will never best chaos itself.
Spider-Man: Ready for another Mirror Dimension race?
Doctor Strange: Not quite yet, Peter.
Thanos: Your sacrifices will be in vain.
Wong: This is how you train now, Stephen?
Doctor Strange: This is almost done. Let's get lunch after.

Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw: Fool, do you think Black Swan would be truly interested in a monster like you?
Black Dwarf: If you say one more word, I will crush you.
Black Swan: I know you betrayed me.
Ebony Maw: Have more faith in me, Swan.
Corvus Glaive: If you betray me again, I will take your head.
Doctor Strange: Looks like you've come to respect my power.
Gamora: Our history doesn't make me like you.
Iron Man: This is one a time deal, Mister Grey.
Proxima Midnight: Weakness shall not be tolerated.
Supergiant: Together, we exact the will of Thanos.
Thane: I shouldn't have fallen for your dark whispers.
Thanos: The whole universe is in our grasp.
Ebony Maw: I serve your mission without question.


Captain America: We stand together!
Captain Marvel: Gotta hand it to you, Echo. You're really a wonder!
Daredevil: No hard feelings for trying to kill me that one time.
Echo: …
Ghost Rider: Together, we are vengeance.
Iron Fist: Maya! You can fight!
Jean Grey: Maya! Don't try to handle everything on your own!
Kingpin: I raised you as I would own daughter.
Echo: …
Moon Knight: Whoa, those hands are deadly!
Odin: The All-Father greets you, Phoenix Vessel.
Echo: ?
Wolverine: It's hard to sign with the claws out, I'll admit.


Adam Warlock: I only do my duty.
Angela: I'm here to help, Lady Gamora.
Black Widow: Looks like you need some help from the Avengers!
Doctor Strange: No villain will escape my magic.
Drax: I'll show you what a true warrior looks like.
Groot: I am Groot!
Iron Man: Most dangerous woman is right!
Mantis: Protecting the universe is our job.
Nebula: I'll watch your back.
Gamora: And I'll watch yours, sister.
Nova (Richard Rider): Don't worry, the Nova Corps is here.
Quasar (Avril Kincaid): Quantum energy will destroy our enemies.
Rocket Raccoon: Let's blow these guys away!
Ronan: Take the Kree's judgment!
Star-Lord: Now it's my turn.
Thanos: The universe requires domination.
Gamora: You will never dominate anything again, father.
Thena: I want to test how strong you are.

Ghost Rider

Black Panther: Anything else you need help with?
Blade: Let's get out of here, hot head.
Daredevil: The devil has many faces…
Deadpool: I already looked burnt to a crisp! Stay away!
Doctor Strange: Why not stop the quest for revenge now?
Ghost Rider: Vengeance cannot be stopped…
Ghost Panther: Vengeance rides in tandem!
Hulk (Amadeus Cho): Innocent people will get hurt if we run too wild!
Ghost Rider: The Rider never harms the innocent…
Human Torch: Let's turn up the heat together!
Nightcrawler: Perhaps now's the time to up the game.
Sentry: Can that which is dead die?
Spider-Man: Spidery spirit of vengeance coming through!
Wolverine: All right, bub. Let's show them we mean business.


Angela: Nothing is free, everything has price.
Clea: Your magic doesn't impress me.
Hela: A soulless machine. My ideal partner.
Doctor Strange: Your dark magic…immense…
Loki: A fight like this is impossible!
Hela: I will show you what is possible.
Mephisto: Hmm? Is there still anything left to negotiate?
Odin: Don't cause any more trouble. I forbid it.
Hela: You never face your problems head on, old man.
Hela: Have you become more useful, you simple soldier?
Scarlet Witch: Ha! Death magic, quaint.
Sif: Cover me, dark queen.
Thanos: You speak to me, queen of death.
Thor: A wise king is never fond of war!
Hela: A foolish king simply ignores it.
Valkyrie: I will never forgive you, witch.


Abomination: Hulk! I will destroy everything, including you.
Absorbing Man: Gimme some of that gamma!
Adam Warlock: Will you protect life or destroy it?
Black Panther: Your power always brings trouble.
Captain America: Hulk, smash them all.
Hulk: Too easy for Hulk.
Doctor Strange: Hulk, your mystic friend is here to help.
Hawkeye: You'll always be a friend
Hulk (Amadeus Cho): Hulk, let's show them our power!
Iron Man: I don't even know how much armor you destroyed.
Hulk: Heh, puny metal man.
Loki: With your might and my magic, we could rule the realms.
Mister Fantastic: Calm down. I don't want to fight with you again.
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): Hulk… You're a little scary, but I'll do my best.
Namor: It looks like I need some help.
Red Hulk: Let the anger loose, Banner!
Red She-Hulk: I haven't had a date for a long time, but at a place like this…
Hulk: It's a good place for Hulk.
Sentry: How about a rematch later?
She-Hulk: I'm busy, Bruce.
Silver Surfer: I'm always ready to fight for my allies.
The Thing: Let's see who is stronger!
Wolverine: Glad we're on the same side this time, bub.

Iron Man

Black Widow: Let's wrap this up quick.
Iron Man: Yes, I know. Places to be.
Captain America: Avengers assemble!
Iron Man: Was waiting for that, Cap.
Captain Marvel: Here he goes again, calling for help.
Iron Man: It's not like you haven't done this before.
Iron Man: How is Krakoa these days?
Cyclops: Wouldn't you like to know.
Doctor Doom: Doom will help you, Stark.
Iron Man: In that hunk of junk?
Iron Man: Thanks, beard bro!
Doctor Strange: Don't call me that. You're welcome.
Giant-Man: With our efforts combined, we can stop any threat.
Iron Man: Absolutely.
Green Goblin: Blow them up! Ha ha ha!
Iron Man: Cool it, Norm...
Hawkeye: Hey Stark, watch your back!
Iron Man: Make sure you don't miss!
Hulk: Hulk smash!
Iron Man: Go relieve some stress, big guy.
Ironheart: Check out my upgrades, Mr. Stark!
Nick Fury: Wrap it up, Stark.
Iron Man: I'm not on your schedule, Nick.
Rescue: We can fight together.
Iron Man: You got it, Potts.
Scarlet Witch: I will show you true chaos.
Iron Man: I was counting on it.
Shang-Chi: Try to keep up, tin can.
Spider-Man: I'm here to help... Mr Stark.
Iron Man: Okay. Let's break it down.
Spider-Woman: They won't know what hit them.
Iron Man: Lure 'em in, I'll sweep up.
Star-Lord: Ok! Time for a big brained plan!
Thor: The enemies of the Avengers will fall!
Iron Man: Charge me up, Thunderhead!
War Machine: Wanna bet who knocks down more, Tony?
Iron Man: You're on, Rhodey!
Wasp: You know how it goes, once an Avenger...
Iron Man: Always an Avenger!

Jean Grey

Angel: Shall we fly?
Beast: Guess it's time to fight!
Captain America: For the sake of peace, we have to fight together.
Colossus: Are these people bothering you?
Cyclops: I'm always with you, Jean.
Jean Grey: And I'm always with you, Scott.
Emma Frost: I'll show you how it's done.
Invisible Woman: The Fantastic Four is always here to help.
Kitty Pryde: Leave this to me, Jean.
Magik: The power of the Phoenix was truly amazing.
Magneto: We will purge evil from this world.
Polaris: No one can stop us.
Professor X: The X-Men stand with you, Jean.
Jean Grey: We're your family, and a family takes care of each other.
Rachel Summers: I've always wanted to fight alongside you, Mom.
Rogue: I'll show you our teamwork.
Scarlet Witch: I'll do what I must.
Spider-Man: Spiders don't like fire, but I'll do what I can!
Storm: Help is a word away, Jean.
Jean Grey: Thank you, Ororo.
Wolverine: I'll handle this, Jeannie.


Black Widow: Let's see what you can do, Loki.
Heimdall: We stand for Asgard!
Hela: You don't look much like your father.
Loki: You sound like your father.
Hulk: Puny god fights well!
Kang the Conqueror: You think you can stop this?
Odin: You are truly my son.
Omega Red: You think yourself evil? Truly not.
Sylvie: Don't call me a variant.
Loki: No, you are truly your own person.
Thanos: Return to the darkness, Loki.
Thor: Can I count on your plan, brother?

Luna Snow

Aero: Now for a joint attack of ice and wind!
Black Widow: Alright, pop star, watch and learn.
Blue Dragon: The might of the dragon shall not falter.
Captain America (Sharon Rogers): Luna, I'll clear a path!
Crescent: No one can stop Io's fist.
Hulk (Amadeus Cho): Call me whenever you need a Hulk.
Luna Snow: You've got it!
Human Torch: Fire and ice, what a combo!
Iceman: Ice?! We're two of a kind!
Iron Man: You're pretty good! I'll leave this town to you.
Kid Omega: Is it my turn? I'm going to wipe them all out!
Nick Fury: Looks like the Agents of Atlas have got this covered.
Shadow Shell: Stand under my shell if you need protection!
Shang-Chi: It's not a good idea to stand against us.
Silk: It's time for the Agents of Atlas to reunite!
Spider-Gwen: Let's show off our skills!
Spider-Man: Are you new? Looks like you don't need any pointers!
Sun Bird: You would've been a great member of my crew!
Sword Master: Is it time for my sword?
Thor: I'll give you Thor's blessing.
War Tiger: The tiger shall cut down our enemies.
Wave: I'll round them up with my water!
Luna Snow: And I'll freeze them solid!
White Fox: Luna, we're going to need your icy touch!
Luna Snow: Leave it to me!

Madelyne Pryor

Madelyne Pryor: I always feel sorry for you.
Cable: Mother...
Madelyne Pryor: You weren't my first call, Scott.
Cyclops: I have nothing to say to you, Madelyne.
Madelyne Pryor: I guess you could've made worse choices…
Havok: It would have been nice if we had met a different destiny...
Madelyne Pryor: I prefer to be apart from Summers family…
Madelyne Pryor: I still can't accept you.
Madelyne Pryor: My cursed fate began with you!
Psylocke: You've got a lot of nerve...
Madelyne Pryor: Our destiny is shared. We will overcome.


Apocalypse: I have come to put an end to... everything.
Beast: Follow my plan!
Cyclops: I'm still not used to fighting with you.
Deadpool: The Deadpool Express always delivers!
Emma Frost: I will do anything for Mutantkind.
Magneto: Even if everyone becomes our enemy.
Iron Man: Be careful, my armor isn't just scrap metal.
Jean Grey: Guess I'll have to step it up, Max.
Medusa: I fight for the honor of the Inhumans.
Mister Sinister: I see some possible subjects for my experiments.
Mystique: It's been a while. Should we go hunting?
Magneto: Indeed, time to relive the old days.
Namor: There are times when you must fight for your people.
Nightcrawler: I should pray for those who challenge us.
Polaris: Talk about family time!
Professor X: I will always fight with you.
Magneto: No one can stop us if we're together.
Quicksilver: I haven't completely forgiven you yet.
Sabretooth: I'll pierce them all with my claws.
Scarlet Witch: I will protect everyone with my power.
Magneto: Thank you.
Storm: For the future of Arakko!
Wolverine: This is child's play.

Moon Knight

Black Panther: I'm here to help you, Moon Knight.
Moon Knight: Nice timing.
Blade: It's huntin' time.
Moon Knight: Let's wipe 'em out.
Bullseye: I'll turn that white suit red one day…
Captain America: Need a hand, Moon Knight!
Moon Knight: Thanks, Cap.
Daredevil: Are you guarding the streets today? I'll join.
Deadpool: Normal people are boring. That's why I like you!
Moon Knight: You're tolerable.
Doctor Strange: The gods require my aid?
Moon Knight: My fist isn't always enough.
Elsa Bloodstone: Leave this to me.
Ghost Rider: Hey weirdo, step aside.
Moon Knight: Can you even see without eyes?
Iron Fist: Watch it, Spector. Coming through!
Punisher: Hey, how's your imaginary god doing?
Spider-Man: Who are you today? Marc? Jake?
Moon Knight: Quit it, kid. I'm the hand of justice.
Taskmaster: Movement is unusual.
Moon Knight: Follow along.
Wolverine: You got your head in the right place, bub?
Moon Knight: Always.
Wong: Khonshu requires more aid?
Moon Knight: He can't get enough.


Captain Marvel: Well, this doesn't happen every day.
Dazzler: Don't imitate me, you copy.
Fantomex: Are you in trouble, Raven?
Iceman: Good luck turning into ice!
Mystique: Now it's your turn to help.
Nightcrawler: Right on time!
Mystique: You always come out of nowhere.
Mystique: I won't let anything happen to Rogue.
Professor X: A much needed reunion, Raven.
Rogue: I hope I could be a help.
Mystique: You are always precious to me.
Sabretooth: A haughty woman suits my wild self.
Wolverine: You always cause me trouble...


Black Panther: If next we meet as enemies, you will regret it.
Namor: Ha! If you are so confident, try me now!
Captain America: You must learn to take responsibility for your own power.
Namor: Still nagging after all these years, Steve…
Doctor Doom: Together, we could bring this world to its knees.
Namor: From one ruler to another, please keep to your surface squabbles.
Doctor Strange: Here we are, Namor.
Namor: I don't know what you want, Strange, but I refuse.
Emma Frost: Don't get me wet. This is couture.
Hulk (Amadeus Cho): I have no intention of arguing with you, Namor.
Hydro-Man: Can't keep me down forever!
Invisible Woman: Namor, it's just not going to happen.
Iron Man: Can you please stop giving me trouble?
Magneto: Though you refused Krakoa, we will stand with you.
Mister Fantastic: Stay away from Susan, Namor.
Namor: Watch how you speak to a king.
Professor X: You will always have a place on Krakoa.
Silver Surfer: The Defenders are with you.
Spider-Man: I guess the Hudson counts as my neighborhood…
Thanos: So the Earth presents another would-be king…
Wave: We will fight together to save the sea.
Winter Soldier: I've got your back, Namor.


Angela: I will defend Asgard with you, Father.
Beta Ray Bill: Father of all, I will be your strength.
Fandral: My king, I will follow your orders.
Gorr: Whoever calls himself a god will face my wrath.
Heimdall: No one can threaten Asgard.
Hela: Kneel before the Queen!
Hogun: I will defeat any enemies of Asgard.
Ikaris: We will fight together for all living things.
Iron Man: Let me know if you need an upgrade, old man!
Knull: Your kingdom will be ruled by the Lord of the Abyss.
Loki: Father, your favored son is here to help!
Odin: Loki, how you vex me...
Malekith: I will never break, Odin!
Sif: We will always fight with you!
Silver Surfer: All-Father, Galactus shall return for your realm soon.
Star-Lord: Protecting the universe is kind of my thing!
Thanos: Does the ruler of the sky truly possess such little power?
Thor: Hail and well met Father, I am here to help!
Odin: Greetings, my son!
Thor (Jane Foster): Behold my mighty power!
Valkyrie: I'll show you the power of Valkyrie!
Volstagg: Volstagg is ready to fight with you.

Professor X

Angel: It's time to take flight!
Apocalypse: The Quiet Council is never silent.
Beast: Oh my stars and garters! Need a hand, Charles?
Colossus: I am here to help, Professor Xavier!
Cyclops: The X-Men never give up!
Deadpool: Oh! Don't read my thoughts. You'll get a headache.
Emma Frost: I'll take care of this my way.
Professor X: As you always do, Emma.
Iceman: Better training than the Danger Room.
Ikaris: Sometimes we have to work together to protect this planet.
Jean Grey: Marvel Girl has your back.
Juggernaut: Glad we're on the same side, brother.
Kitty Pryde: I'm no longer a child, Xavier. I can handle this.
Magik: I'll take the lead, Professor.
Magneto: There are still those who stand in our way...
Professor X: We shall handle them as necessary.
Mister Fantastic: For the greater good, Charles.
Mister Sinister: Sometimes you have to be serious.
Nightcrawler: Mind if I pop in, Professor?
Polaris: Sometimes you have to be ruthless when defending Krakoa.
Rogue: I've got you covered, Professor.
Scarlet Witch: Let me know how to help the Mutants, Charles.
Spider-Man: Swinging by for some Mutant action!
Storm: Today's weather will not be sunny.
Wolverine: Not gonna take it easy on 'em, Chuck.
Professor X: You are the best at what you do, Logan.


Black Widow: If you need a sniper, I'm here.
Captain America: Uncanny Avengers Assemble!
Captain Marvel: We have some unfinished business…
Deadpool: Don't you forget about me!
Gambit: Pretty fast, honey!
Rogue: Learned from the best!
Iceman: Why are you looking at me like that?
Magneto: Our relationship needs some sorting out.
Mystique: When you tire of Xavier's chores, you can be free with me.
Rogue: I won't be joining you, sugah.
Nightcrawler: You think you can move better than me?
Rogue: I'll show you how it's done.
Professor X: Looks like you need help.
Sentry: Things could be a lot easier, depending on your choice.
Rogue: You carry too much pain, Logan.


Angel: You gave me the courage to fly!
Black Bolt: ...
Doctor Strange: Someone must take responsibility for your violence.
Green Goblin: You don't die? You say that as if it's a bad thing.
Hulk: For Golden Man, Hulk will be brave.
Iron Man: Robert, where have you been hiding?
Knull: The darkness within you yields to me.
Mister Fantastic: I didn't mean to hurt you, Robert.
Sentry: We didn't expect to be so easily forgotten, Reed.
Professor X: The world will remember you, Sentry.
Sentry: You're the best of us, Peter. Never forget that.
Spider-Man: Whoa, how did you know my name?
Thor: You must live to pay for your sins.
Valkyrie: Dying is new to everyone.
Sentry: Life was flashing before my eyes... like a movie...

Shadow Shell

Aero: I'll sweep them all away with a tornado.
Blue Dragon: The dragon stands with you.
Shadow Shell: And the tortoise with you.
Captain America: It's time for heroes to assemble.
Captain America (Sharon Rogers): You can never have enough shields!
Crescent: Io! Let's fight together with her.
Luna Snow: I will freeze the evil from their hearts!
Phil Coulson: Any hero who will protect Earth is always appreciated.
Shang-Chi: The Agents of Atlas have your back.
Silk: Just swinging by!
Star-Lord: Do you have any plans to go off world?
Sun Bird: They shall feel the burn of fire.
Shadow Shell: And the sting of poison.
Thor (Jane Foster): You have earned the aid of Asgard.
Viper: Poison shall melt them away.
War Tiger: Finally, a real challenge!
Shadow Shell: Unleash the tiger, general!
White Fox: Leave this mission to me.

Silver Surfer

Beta Ray Bill: My resentment against Galactus has not waned.
Carnage: Together, we could have filled the universe with blood.
Deadpool: You still working for that big headed hungry hippo?
Doctor Doom: Yours is a power that transcends human understanding...
Silver Surfer: You still haven't let go of your obsession with power.
Gladiator: You fight like the Imperial Guard.
Groot: I am Groot!
Human Torch: Shall we see who flies faster?
Ikon: Analysis: Silver Surfer, Alpha Plus Power
Mantis: I wish you showed more emotion!
Silver Surfer: There is a divine flame in everyone's heart!
Mister Fantastic: One day, that flame that will burn and light up the universe!
Odin: Messenger, keep in mind that we are still at truce.
Quasar (Wendell Vaughn): Let's give this a try!
Silver Surfer: We always have a choice.
Spider-Man: We can always choose the right thing!
The Thing: Outta the way, I have work to do!
Thor: I do not fear your master, Surfer.


Black Widow: If you need help, ask me anytime.
Carnage: Shred them to ribbons!
Daredevil: You're quieter than my Spider-Man.
Dazzler: Gwen, do you want to be in a band with me?
Gwenpool: Wow. It's another Gwen!
Spider-Gwen: Nice to meet you! I'm Spider-Gwen.
Lizard: Ugh... no one should get in my way!
Luna Snow: Let's take these guys down, with a soundtrack!
Mister Fantastic: Why not help me research the multiverse later?
Shadow Shell: Do not worry. I'll protect you.
Silk: Alright, who are we going to chastise today?
Spider-Man: I don't think I'll ever get used to fighting with you, Gwen.
Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Hey Gwen, are you free afterwards? Maybe?
Spider-Gwen: Sure, I'm down to hang out together!
Spider-Man 2099: Gwen! I'm here to help.
Spider-Woman: Show them who you are!
Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider won't hold back!
Venom: The symbiote's power is supreme, isn't it?


Agent Venom: Guess I do owe you a few, Pete.
Black Cat: You seem busy today, darling.
Spider-Man: Can't say I mind your company, Felicia.
Black Widow: This might sting a little.
Captain America: Believe in your inner strength, Peter.
Spider-Man: Thanks, Cap.
Captain Marvel: Just flying by, kid!
Daredevil: They should know better.
Deadpool: Spins a web, any size. Catches crooks, just like flies!
Doctor Octopus: Do not interfere, Parker!
Doctor Strange: The mystic arts have come to your aid.
Electro: This'll really give them a shock!
Green Goblin: You will never be rid of the Goblin, Parker. Norman is gone.
Spider-Man: I know you're still in there…
Human Torch: Things are about to heat up, Pete!
Iceman: You ever seen a spider web freeze?
Iron Man: You're working hard today, kid!
Kraven The Hunter: Today, they are the prey, Spider-Man.
Luke Cage: Leave them to me, Spider-Man!
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): Spider-Man! Glad I could lend a hand!
Punisher: You're in the way, so get out.
Scarlet Spider: If you want to quit being Spider-Man, leave it to me.
She-Hulk: Seems like you need the power of an attorney!
Silk: Guess it's my turn to help you out!
Spider-Gwen: Can't stay long! Let's get this over with.
Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Whoa, need a hand there, Pete?
Spider-Man 2099: Dimensional travel just isn't my thing.
Spider-Woman: Happy to assist, Peter.
The Thing: Time for a New York beatdown!
Venom: No one cares if I eat them, right?
Spider-Man: No! Bad guys are not on the menu, Eddie!
Wasp: Ugh! I don't like spiders, but I'll help you this time.
Wolverine: Hey kid, less talking, more fighting.

Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Ant-Man: I'll show you the power of ants!
Captain America: Your age doesn't matter, as long as you have a righteous heart.
Carnage: You won't escape me!
Cyclops: Champions are forever!
Doctor Octopus: Spiders, ugh, so annoying.
Electro: Shall we see who is more electric?
Hulk (Amadeus Cho): I'll give you a hand, pal!
Iron Man: I am not a babysitter...
Ironheart: Lit! Time to test out my new weapon.
Molecule Man: How are you, burger boy?
Morbius: I must feed!
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): We can fight just as well as the grown ups.
Spider-Man (Miles Morales): You know it! They aren't the only super heroes around here.
Nova (Sam Alexander): Champions, charge!
Silk: Watch out, Spider-Man!
Spider-Gwen: Is that you, Miles? Someone's busy today.
Spider-Man: Looking good, Miles!
Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Thanks, Peter!
Spider-Man 2099: Won't you join the fight for the future?
Spider-Woman: Let's show them what spider venom feels like!
Venom: Well, look who needs our help, it's Spider-Man.
Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne): Leave these guys to me!


Adam Warlock: The time has come to fight together again.
Beta Ray Bill: Quill! Together, we will eliminate the cosmic threat.
Captain Marvel: I could have easily handled this myself.
Doctor Doom: Kneel before me and I shall spare you.
Doctor Strange: Now you realize you need the power of the Sorcerer Supreme.
Drax: A true warrior only charges forward!
Gamora: Peter, focus up!
Star-Lord: You got it!
Gladiator: The Imperial Guard will assist you.
Groot: I am Groot!
Hulkling: I'll show you the might of the Kree-Skrull Empire.
Iron Man: Guess I'm joining the Guardians of the Galaxy again!
Kitty Pryde: You always surprise me.
Mantis: We can relax after this battle.
Nova (Richard Rider): It's time for the galaxy's greatest heroes to act.
Star-Lord: I've been waiting for this moment, buddy!
Phyla-Vell: It seems you're the same in every dimension.
Rocket Raccoon: Follow my plan, Quill!
Ronan: It's time for a showdown.
Thanos: An insignificant being stands in my way again.
Thor: They will face the wrath of the mighty Thor!
Yondu: For the Ravagers!


Angel: We strike from above!
Storm: I'll blow them all away.
Beast: The X-Men will always have your back!
Storm: Thank you, Hank.
Black Panther: ...Be careful. Ororo.
Storm: I can handle myself, T'Challa.
Cable: Let's take 'em out, Ororo.
Cyclops: Let's show them the power of the X-Men.
Storm: As you say, Scott.
Emma Frost: Let's show our power, Ororo.
Storm: They underestimate us.
Gambit: Need a hand, mon cherie?
Iceman: Let's freeze them and blow them all away!
Jean Grey: With the two of us, they don't stand a chance.
Storm: Couldn't agree more, Jean.
Kitty Pryde: Leave 'em to me, Ororo!
Storm: Don't be too harsh, Kate.
Magik: Feel the force of Limbo!
Storm: And the power of the skies!
Magneto: Our enemies shall kneel before Mutantkind.
Mister Fantastic: Storm, we're here to help.
Storm: Get out of my way, Reed.
Professor X: With your strength, you can save everyone.
Storm: Of course, Professor.
Wolverine: Need something cut, darlin'?


Adam Warlock: Ever thought of retiring from universal conquest?
Thanos: Only when my mission is done.
Black Bolt: Never ask for me again.
Black Dwarf: My axe will cleave through those who stand in our way.
Carnage: I will spread chaos throughout the universe!
Corvus Glaive: The Black Order shall make your wish reality.
Deadpool: Hey Thanos, how are things going with Death?
Doctor Strange: So now you call upon the Sorcerer Supreme?
Drax: Thanos! I am the one who will annihilate you!
Ebony Maw: Great King, I will dismantle all your enemies.
Gamora: The Guardians of the Galaxy will stop your plan.
Thanos: My daughter, no one can stop me.
Gladiator: You are foolish to try to compete with me.
Hulk: Not even Thanos can stop Hulk!
Ikaris: We have a responsibility to protect humanity.
Knull: Kneel before the dark, fool.
Namor: You are a false king.
Nebula: I want no part in supporting you.
Nova (Richard Rider): Thanos! Next time we meet, you're mine.
Proxima Midnight: All worlds shall fall in the name of Thanos!
Silver Surfer: I will always fight for justice.
Squirrel Girl: Did you miss my knuckle spike?
Star-Lord: Never thought I'd end up here.
Supergiant: The universe shall be brought to heel.
Thane: I will do this for my people, not you, Father.
Thena: You have decided to side with the Eternals, finally.
Thor: You will not be able to withstand my wrath!


Beta Ray Bill: For the glory of Asgard!
Thor: Very well.
Captain America: Thor. I'm here to help you.
Thor: Captain Rogers, your help is appreciated!
Captain Marvel: Wanna see who's faster, big guy?
Thor: Ha! Verily.
Fandral: Need a hand, my brother in arms?
Heimdall: Looks like you need some help, your Majesty.
Hogun: The Warriors Three will always have your back!
Hulk: Hulk strongest!
Thor: Ha! Let us test that.
Iron Man: Care to recharge my battery, Goldilocks?
Thor: Ha, your trinkets cannot withstand my thunder.
Knull: I will show you my true power, God of Thunder.
Thor: Evil creature, leave this realm at once.
Loki: Oh, brother, in need of my help?
Thor: No more trouble, please.
Malekith: The realms will be mine!
Nick Fury: The lightning god needs help?
Odin: You must realize what a true king is, my son.
Thor: I will, father.
She-Hulk: Looks like you need the help of a Hulk.
Thor: Thank you, Jennifer.
Sif: Thor, stay alert.
Silver Surfer: You're always fighting, Thor.
Thor: The realms always need protecting.
Star-Lord: Thor, if you ever need me, just let me know.
Thor: Thank you, friend.
Thor: I won't stand you much longer, Thanos.
Thanos: The Mad Titan does not listen to a god.
Thor (Jane Foster): Witness the mighty power of Thor!
Thor: Jane, you always surprise me.
Valkyrie: We shall fight together, your Majesty.
Volstagg: Ha ha! Volstagg arrives!
Wasp: Let me help you out, Thor.
Thor: An Avenger's aid is always welcome.


Agent Venom: Good! Let's take 'em all out.
Black Cat: I think black looks better on me.
Bullseye: Well... he's different.
Carnage: No one can stop me!
Venom: Right. Except for me.
Deadpool: Come on! It's Venompool time!
Human Torch: I'll try not to get you too hot, Eddie.
Knull: The darkness within you will yield to me.
Venom: You can't control me.
Mister Fantastic: I'd like to do a little more research on the symbiote...
Scorpion: Hey, Venom. How about we team up?
Silver Surfer: I will not let you borrow my board again.
Spider-Gwen: These symbiotes can be really dangerous.
Spider-Man: You guys are still sticking together?
Venom: No one asked you, kid.
Thor: Do you fear my thunder?
Toxin: I am the strongest!
Wolverine: Focus, bub. Bad guys aren't snacks.


Beast: Logan, I need your help.
Cable: It's our job to deal with future threats as well as present ones.
Captain America: Sometimes, you have to use force.
Captain Marvel: Looks like you need my help, tough guy!
Cyclops: The X-Men are here to help.
Daken: Rage runs in the family.
Deadpool: Guess who's back? Back again!
Wolverine: Ugh, why is it always you, Wade…
Domino: Are these guys our mission?
Elektra: The Hand won't know what hit them.
Emma Frost: Seriously... don't call me for something like this.
Fantomex: Good! Let's wipe them all out!
Gambit: Let's finish this so we can play a few hands.
Ghost Rider: They will all burn.
Iron Man: Do I need to call Animal Control?
Jean Grey: Don't push yourself too hard, Logan.
Jubilee: Let the fireworks begin!
Kitty Pryde: The Red Queen is here to help!
Luke Cage: Two unbreakable men!
Mister Fantastic: Our family is always ready to help you.
Nightcrawler: If I tell you to take it easy, you won't listen, will you?
Professor X: Aw, Logan, I'm always grateful to be with you.
Psylocke: I always go the extra mile.
Punisher: Now the fun's getting started!
Rogue: Let's show off our teamwork.
Sabretooth: Hahaha! Where is my prey hiding?
Wolverine: I'm the hunter today, Victor.
Spider-Man: Did you miss me, Wolvie?
Storm: I'll take the wind out of their sails.
The Thing: Not even Adamantium can cut me.
X-23: Aren't you a little rusty, pops?
Wolverine: Can it, kid.