Card Crafting is a system that allows you to unlock additional stats for Premium Comic Cards. Regular, non-Premium Cards cannot be crafted.

The goal of crafting for most players is to acquire Pierce, an important late-game PvE stat - but in addition to Pierce, Crafted Stars provide additional stats that may be useful.

Crafting Costs and Stat Rolls

Each Premium Card can be crafted 6 times, with each craft turning one of the six stars coloured (red, green or blue). The costs of crafting increase with the number of stars already crafted, and the stats that can be rolled differ for each star.

Unlike regular Comic Cards, the possible stats for each slot do not vary between cards - every card's 1st slot will have the same 5 possible stats, and so on.

To craft, you need to sacrifice 5 6☆ cards, and a certain number of Card Crafting Cubes - this number increases as you craft more stars. Card Crafting Cubes can be farmed from Giant Boss Raid with a maximum of 500 a day.

StarStat PoolCube Cost
  • Dodge
  • Recovery Rate
  • Poison Resist
  • Cold Resist
  • Crowd Control Time
  • HP
  • Energy Defense
  • Movement Speed
  • Lightning Resist
  • Mind Resist
  • Ignore Defense
  • Physical Defense
  • Lightning Resist
  • Fire Resist
  • Crowd Control Time
  • Critical Damage
  • All Defense
  • Movement Speed
  • Fire Resist
  • Mind Resist
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Rate
  • Cold Resist
  • Poison Resist
  • Skill Cooldown
  • Energy Attack
  • Physical Attack
  • All Attack
  • Cold Resist
  • Mind Resist

Card Quality

Additionally, the quality of a card impacts the magnitude of the crafted stats - other than quality, the regular stat rolls and crafted stat rolls are completely separate systems.

QualityStat %

Coloured Stars

Crafted stars have an equal chance of rolling one of three colours. If you get 3 or 6 stars of the same colour on a single card, you will unlock a special stat specific to that colour.

2% Additional Pierce Damage
5% Additional Pierce Damage
2% Concentration
5% Concentration
4% All Resistance
10% All Resistance
  • Pierce is the most desirable crafted stat, ignoring defense and providing a sizable damage boost in most PvE modes (ABX is an exception).
  • Concentration provides a boost to special Reforged C.T.P. mechanics like Beatdown or Steel, but the amount it contributes is negligible.
  • Resistance simply adds that percentage to all of Mind, Lightning, Cold, Fire and Poison Resist stats. Useless.

Craft Combine

Craft Combine allows you to reroll crafted stars. This is completely independent of regular Combine.

  • Combine rerolls regular card stats and quality.
  • Craft Combine rerolls crafted stars and their colour.

To Craft Combine a card, you need to sacrifice a Premium Card and 750 Card Crafting Cubes. Therefore it is recommended to only Craft Combine a card when you have fully crafted it, so the maximum number of rerolls can be done at once.

Unlike regular card combining, you can choose to "Lock" crafted stars to preserve their colour and stat. It is not possible to lock only a stat or only a colour - you either lock both, or let both reroll.

Combining costs an increasing amount of Crystals for each star you choose to lock. If no stats are locked, it costs a small amount of Gold.

Locked StarsCrystal Cost

Unequip Costs

Unequipping costs increase as more stars are crafted.

Crafted StarsUnequip Cost
1700 Crystals
2800 Crystals
3900 Crystals
41000 Crystals
51100 Crystals
61200 Crystals